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Data on this page was generated at Wed, 03 Mar 2021 09:41:41 +0000. It is updated in real time and may differ from the current superleague slightly as a result.

  • Super League ranks are based on the average number of slots worked in the last 12 months with expedition callsigns.
  • As of today, 8 expeditions are included, based on activity between 2020-03-03 and 2021-03-03.
  • If part of the expedition falls more than 12 months ago, that expedition is not considered for the Super League.
  • If an expedition is not worked, this will reduce the average.

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4X1ZQ Super League slots

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Expedition #ExpeditionFirst date QRVLast date QRVSlots
19J2LA2020-03-05 19:31:532020-03-15 04:25:303
27Q7RU2020-11-10 21:20:002020-12-17 21:51:003
3EX0QR2020-03-06 15:26:002020-03-17 00:55:002
49G5FI2020-10-03 13:06:002021-02-28 19:38:002
5VP2VB2020-03-11 16:18:072020-03-16 10:03:391
6KP4/AB2RF2020-12-27 00:02:002021-02-10 11:34:001
7ZD8HZ2021-01-17 10:05:002021-03-03 06:08:001
  • Total number of expeditions worked: 7 (87.50%)
  • Total slots worked: 13
  • Score used = Average slots worked: 1.62