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A note about privacy and conditions of use

Club Log's privacy policy and GDPR notes are available here: privacy policy.

If you upload logs to Club Log, they will be carefully protected. I consider it vital that only the owner of a log can see the QSOs within that log, and Club Log follows this principle in every detail. However, part of the purpose of Club Log is to analyise and report on worldwide trends, for example to create most-wanted lists. This is done by analysing as many QSOs as possible, including those you upload. Please be sure you are happy with this before you join. For the purposes of GDPR, your personal data (name, callsign) is being stored in Club Log and pseudonymnised data processing is performed on your log to produce aggregate reports. You can contact Michael, G7VJR if you have concerns about the security of your personal data.

Club Log volunteers provide a Helpdesk service. Abuse of Helpdesk staff is unacceptable, and Club Log has published a policy on abuse which all new users are encouraged to read.

Lastly, unused accounts are deleted after 1 year.

73 - Michael G7VJR