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Welcome to the Club Log expeditions homepage. On this page, a summary of all current and past expeditions hosted on Club Log is available to browse, and you can track the latest updates from current expeditions. Club Log is a free service developed by Michael G7VJR and Marios 5B4WN.

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Expedition Donations

Many expeditions seek donations to support their activities. Expeditions in Club Log can use our built-in donations facility to simplify this process. Donors are generally then offered free use of the Online QSL Request (OQRS) as a thank-you. List of expeditions requesting donations.

Latest/Current Expeditions

Last updated: Thu, 20 Feb 2020 21:02:57 +0000. Tip: Click on the table headings to sort by any heading (eg by date, by number of QSOs)

CallsignLocationCont.Last QSOQSOsUniquesOQRSTwitterLive StreamDonate
5H4WZTANZANIAAF2020-02-18 02:1230,04812,6865H4WZ OQRS Enabled
9N7AMNEPALAS2020-02-17 02:005,6633,3509N7AM OQRS Enabled
E44CCPALESTINEAS2020-02-16 12:1551,59716,867
HU1DLEL SALVADORNA2020-02-13 17:1060,20519,502HU1DL OQRS Enabled
TO3FMMARTINIQUENA2020-02-09 11:443,1511,906TO3FM OQRS Enabled
TI9ACOCOS ISLANDNA2020-02-07 16:3329,39710,246TI9A OQRS Enabled
J68HZSAINT LUCIANA2020-01-29 14:0668,04022,376
E44RUPALESTINEAS2020-01-13 22:2419,7387,567E44RU OQRS Enabled
3D2AG/PROTUMAOC2020-01-09 03:543,1441,6533D2AG/P OQRS Enabled
ZC4UWUK BASES ON CYPRUSAS2020-01-08 09:5626,00310,228ZC4UW OQRS Enabled
A50BOCBHUTANAS2019-12-20 02:2210,7076,254A50BOC OQRS Enabled
A5BBHUTANAS2019-12-19 01:34965839A5B OQRS Enabled
TO9WSAINT MARTINNA2019-12-14 11:3912,9595,872TO9W OQRS EnabledClub Log Live Stream icon
V6K MICRONESIAOC2019-12-09 07:002,5051,686V6K OQRS EnabledClub Log Live Stream icon
PJ5/SP6IXFSABA & ST EUSTATIUSNA2019-12-01 15:2742,91922,690PJ5/SP6IXF OQRS Enabled
PJ5/SP6EQZSABA & ST EUSTATIUSNA2019-12-01 15:0842,35419,138PJ5/SP6EQZ OQRS Enabled
XV9DVIET NAMAS2019-11-29 23:547,2374,016Club Log Live Stream icon
VK9CZCOCOS (KEELING) ISLANDOC2019-11-28 23:3116,9047,781VK9CZ OQRS Enabled
5H3UATANZANIAAF2019-11-27 09:3416,5458,5085H3UA OQRS EnabledClub Log Live Stream icon
5N7QNIGERIAAF2019-11-25 14:0230,66314,6075N7Q OQRS Enabled
5U9AMONIGERAF2019-11-24 23:5915,9268,521
XZ2DMYANMARAS2019-11-24 11:382,0351,820XZ2D OQRS Enabled
TK1KJCORSICAEU2019-11-02 08:074,4713,781TK1KJ OQRS Enabled
VP6RPITCAIRN ISLANDOC2019-11-01 18:0282,23520,621VP6R OQRS Enabled
T30GCWESTERN KIRIBATIOC2019-10-31 01:1020,1377,880T30GC OQRS Enabled
SU8WRCEGYPTAF2019-10-30 09:441,8771,504SU8WRC OQRS Enabled
5K0KSAN ANDRES ISLANDNA2019-10-29 00:1264,41320,7445K0K OQRS Enabled
SU8XEGYPTAF2019-10-28 16:062,4041,828SU8X OQRS Enabled
V3MBELIZENA2019-10-27 23:585,0673,571V3M OQRS Enabled
5T2KWMAURITANIAAF2019-10-27 09:1810,6946,1425T2KW OQRS Enabled
HZ1FISAUDI ARABIAAS2019-10-25 17:3460,35325,269HZ1FI OQRS Enabled
VP2V/N5AQ BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDSNA2019-10-14 19:273,8512,864VP2V/N5AQ OQRS EnabledClub Log Live Stream icon
VP2VEMBRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDSNA2019-10-12 20:148,1975,310VP2VEM OQRS EnabledClub Log Live Stream icon
ZK3A TOKELAU ISLANDSOC2019-10-10 17:1752,56514,627ZK3A OQRS Enabled
A35JTTONGAOC2019-10-06 08:1615,2885,859A35JT OQRS Enabled
3W9KJVIET NAMAS2019-10-03 23:041,3941,2373W9KJ OQRS Enabled
6O7OSOMALIAAF2019-09-28 03:128,5824,621
MD/OP2DISLE OF MANEU2019-09-27 10:4715,6399,854
C21WWNAURUOC2019-09-23 18:3327,3158,387C21WW OQRS Enabled
9U3TMMBURUNDIAF2019-09-16 21:594,1382,6229U3TMM OQRS EnabledClub Log Live Stream icon
T30LWESTERN KIRIBATIOC2019-09-13 18:1413,6445,253T30L OQRS Enabled
A5ABHUTANAS2019-09-12 22:579,3745,506A5A OQRS Enabled
MS0INTSCOTLANDEU2019-08-25 12:0220,03211,234MS0INT OQRS Enabled
TO5MSAINT PIERRE & MIQUELONNA2019-08-17 22:2720,5298,993TO5M OQRS Enabled
CY9C SAINT PAUL ISLANDNA2019-08-08 11:3891,03026,541
OJ0DXMARKET REEFEU2019-08-02 02:5952,07620,138OJ0DX OQRS Enabled
OJ9AFINLANDEU2019-07-28 11:594,9263,120OJ9A OQRS Enabled
Z60AREPUBLIC OF KOSOVOEU2019-07-14 11:5999,75431,063Z60A OQRS Enabled
OJ0AMARKET REEFEU2019-07-10 02:078,4145,465OJ0A OQRS Enabled
9Y4/OK2ZITRINIDAD & TOBAGOSA2019-07-07 02:533,8322,5929Y4/OK2ZI OQRS Enabled
T2ARTUVALUOC2019-07-05 12:525,0472,940T2AR OQRS Enabled
6Y3YJAMAICANA2019-06-28 14:161,0996596Y3Y OQRS Enabled
ZF2CJCAYMAN ISLANDSNA2019-06-26 18:191,647732ZF2CJ OQRS Enabled
S9ASAO TOME & PRINCIPEAF2019-06-18 06:3028,0259,978
3D2CRCONWAY REEFOC2019-06-09 12:1833,8297,7333D2CR OQRS Enabled
E31AERITREAAF2019-06-03 11:4137,45213,750E31A OQRS Enabled
OG0CALAND ISLANDSEU2019-05-28 10:1231,20715,512
HR5/F2JDHONDURASNA2019-05-14 00:4874,76633,419
TO19A REUNION ISLANDAF2019-05-08 05:4115,6216,513TO19A OQRS Enabled
Z66ZREPUBLIC OF KOSOVOEU2019-04-22 04:495,5173,756Z66Z OQRS Enabled
VI9NI NORFOLK ISLANDOC2019-04-14 23:089,4504,483VI9NI OQRS Enabled@vk2ca
E6ETNIUEOC2019-04-03 06:2114,4507,370E6ET OQRS Enabled
XR0ZRCJUAN FERNANDEZ ISLANDSSA2019-04-02 11:4737,44013,907XR0ZRC OQRS Enabled
HD8MGALAPAGOS ISLANDSSA2019-03-28 13:448,1814,276HD8M OQRS Enabled
PJ7AASINT MAARTENNA2019-03-28 09:1536,37017,308PJ7AA OQRS EnabledClub Log Live Stream icon
5V7EITOGOAF2019-03-26 23:5950,22419,152
3B8XFMAURITIUS ISLANDAF2019-03-24 02:2720,83810,1173B8XF OQRS Enabled
E51HMKSOUTH COOK ISLANDSOC2019-03-23 07:38549509E51HMK OQRS Enabled@in2009
9G2DXGHANAAF2019-03-20 02:095,1713,612
XV9JKVIET NAMAS2019-03-16 23:451,3421,124XV9JK OQRS Enabled
7P8LBLESOTHOAF2019-03-16 04:4416,2136,576
FO/OK2ZIFRENCH POLYNESIAOC2019-03-13 13:594,6972,696FO/OK2ZI OQRS Enabled
A52ICBHUTANAS2019-03-08 10:062,3921,824A52IC OQRS Enabled
T31EUCENTRAL KIRIBATIOC2019-03-05 17:3739,20011,845T31EU OQRS Enabled
VU4GANDAMAN & NICOBAR ISLANDSAS2019-02-28 08:147,7394,520VU4G OQRS Enabled
XX9D MACAOAS2019-02-26 00:3880,88619,741XX9D OQRS Enabled
PJ6ASABA & ST EUSTATIUSNA2019-02-25 21:0295,57527,950PJ6A OQRS Enabled
C5DXTHE GAMBIAAF2019-02-23 10:0911,3907,135

Complete expeditions list available here