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Club DX League

The league below is based on all of the QSOs in active members' logs. Only the primary callsigns of members are considered. The data should be interpretted with care if the number of members in a club is much less than the full membership expected.

Clubs having fewer than 15 members are not included. Updated once every 7 days. Last updated: Fri, 29 May 2020 12:05:56 +0000.

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PositionClub NameMembers*Years QRVDXCCs
1LACC - LA Contest Club1530320
2NIDXA - Northern Illinois DX Association2938317
3LSDXA - Lone Star DX Association3640311
4FOC - First Class CW Operators' Club12338308
5GPDX - Grupo Portuguęs DX2631308
6KCDX - Kansas City DX Club2439304
7CDXA - Carolina DX Association5338304
8SCDXC - Southern California DX Club3739300
9599DXA - 599 DX Association2028298
10GDXF - German DX Foundation15927297
11CDXC - Clipperton DX Club10925295
12UK CW Table3434295
13BCC - Bavarian Contest Club8929293
14TCDXA - Twin City DX Association3537293
15TDXS - Texas DX Society2235292
16MRASZ - Hungarian Radio Amateur Society3026290
17FRC - Frankford Radio Club5232290
18REDXA - Redwood Empire DX Association1934289
19YODXC - YO DX Club2626289
20ODXCC - Orca DX and Contest Club1528287
21MHDXA - Mile High DX Association2036286
22YCCC - Yankee Clipper Contest Club5028286
23FCG - Florida Contest Group4536286
24MDXC - Mediterraneo DX Club14720285
25GMDXA - Greater Milwaukee DX Association2033285
26CWOps - The CW Operators' Club25133284
27SPDXC - SP DX Club7427284
28SFDXA - South Florida DX Association2334283
29MetroDXC - Metro DX Club1834282
30LADXG - LA-DX Group6628282
31PVRC - Potomac Valley Radio Club5532281
32EUDXF - European DX Foundation9826280
33CADXA - Central Arizona DX Association3233279
34CDXC - Chiltern DX Club26830278
35UARL - Ukrainian Amateur Radio League7723278
36AOCC - Arizona Outlaws Contest Club3630275
37NCCC - Northern California Contest Club5728275
38SMC - Society of Midwest Contesters7530274
39ACG - Alabama Contest Group1933272
40ICC - Italian Contest Club5521271
41SEDXC - Southeastern DX Club5230269
42CTDXCC - Central Texas DX and Contest Club2628269
43REP - Rede dos Emissores Portugueses6123268
44DDXG - Danish DX Group4329268
45WVDXA - West Virginia DX Association3527267
46SDXF - Swiss DX Foundation3223265
47RRDXA - Rhein Ruhr DX Association8826264
48GMDX - Scotland's DX Association8025262
49KiwiDX - New Zealand3419259
50NCDXC - Northern California DX Club6926258
51DXXE - Grupo DXXE1618258
52MWA - Minnesota Wireless Association2730258
53SDDXC - San Diego DX Club2827256
54WWDXC - Western Washington DX Club2727256
55LUCG - LU Contest Group1821254
56ADXG - Araucaria DX Group7820251
57RAAWG - Radio Amateur Association of West Greece2216247
58MLDXCC - Mother Lode DX and Contest Club3424246
59WWYC - World Wide Young Contesters5017245
60GMCC - Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2033245
61UKSMG - UK Six Metre Group7828243
62ARI - Associazione Radioamatori Italiani55219238
63SCDXA - South Carolina DX Association2713234
64SDXA - Spokane DX Association2227233
65URE - Union de Radioaficionados Espańoles26919228
66BARTG - British Amateur Radio Teledata Group10223227
67WWFF - World Wide Flora & Fauna2616227
68UBA - Belgian Amateur Radio Society13520226
69EACC - EA Contest Club6813226
70AGDX - Arabian Gulf DX Group3313226
71ARS Amateur Radio Society - Italia2313225
72IARC - Israel Amateur Radio Club2320224
73JARL - Japan Amateur Radio League49726223
74SSA - Föreningen Sveriges Sändareamatörer10327222
75HRD - Ham Radio Deals Forum5917221
76UDXA - Utah DX Association3126221
77IRTS - Irish Radio Transmitters Society2117221
78NERG - North East Radio Group2211219
79ARRL - American Radio Relay League171822218
80RDG - Rio DX Group5813218
81WVDXC - Williamette Valley DX Club2328217
82NATA - North American Traffic and Awards1613213
83RSGB - Radio Society of Great Britain48823212
8430M Digi Group65018212
85RCV - Radio Club Venezolano2619211
86JTDMC - JT Digital Mode Club17616210
87CARS - Cyprus Amateur Radio Society1812209
88NARC - Norfolk Amateur Radio Club2418207
89LABRE - Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de rádio emissăo7116207
90HCRA - Hampden County Radio Association1815206
91NDG - Natal Digital Group18616202
92EPC - European PSK Club97017202
93RCWC - Russian CW Club2715202
94FISTS - FISTS CW Club25323201
95VERON - Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek in Nederland17519201
96SDARS - Stirling District Amateur Radio Society2015200
97ARMI - (Associazione Radioamatori Marinai Italiani, Italian Sailors Amateur Radio Association)5114200
98SKCC - Straight Key Century Club37321197
99DigitalRadio Club14916195
100QRP ARCI - QRP Amateur Radio Club International8122194
101RDRC - Russian Digital Radio Club23714193
102USKA - Swiss Amateur Radio Society9418192
103GDXG - Guara DX Group2213192
104DARC - Deutscher Amateur Radio Club84819189
105SDXC - Sayan DX Club1513189
106PODXS 070 Club13119186
107CDXL - Catalan DX League2716186
108AMSAT - Amateur Radio Satellite Association15417183
109NEMARC - Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society1819182
11010MUK - 10 Metre UK Net2610180
111RSARS - Royal Signals Amateur Radio Society1823177
112G-QRP Club11722175
113FT8DMC - FT8 Digital Mode Club79413174
114YOTA - Youngsters on the Air278173
115CDR GROUP - Grupo Curva do Rio829172
116NAQCC - North American QRP CW Club10819165
117SARL - South African Radio League2513162
118AREG - Amateur Radio Experimenters Group1510161
119LIDS CW & Data Club2118159
120YBDXC - YB Land DX Club1806158
121SFDXG - Single Fighter DX Group426151
122AGCW - Activity Group Telegraphy Germany2113150
123CABREUVADX DX Group196146
124LCRA - Liga Colombiana de Radio Aficionados1911145
125599DXG - 599 DX GROUP338140
126GQRP - UK QRP Club1616140
127CARC - Crawley Amateur Radio Club1715137
128Reddit - Reddit /r/amateurradio Club718137
129FDG - Falcons DX Group1911137
130YB6DXC - YB6 DX Community693136
131VRCO - Valley Radio Club of Oregon1717126
132YBDXPI - YB-land DXing Passion Is2863120
133SRS - Stockport Radio Society208115

* For the purposes of this table, the count of members is those that are active in the leagues (ie. not hidden, and not having empty log books). This prevents historical/expedition callsigns from influencing the results, and allows members to opt-out of the calculation if they wish. Please be aware that the callsigns listed in a Club's own league table will include non-primary callsigns, and therefore cannot be used to create the data above directly.