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The full log will be uploaded to LoTW at regular intervals during the VK9XG DX-pedition

QSL via G3TXF : If you still need a paper QSL, please use Club Log's excellent OQRS to request either Bureau or Direct QSLs for VK9XG.

[Please do NOT send us your QSL through the mail. Please do NOT send us your QSL through the Bureau. Your card is NOT needed. Just use OQRS! Thank you.]

RTTY QSOs : Please note that the RTTY log and the main CW/SSB log are not always in sync on Club Log and LoTW. Typically the RTTY log lags the main log.

Log Queries : E-mailed log-queries will be replied to after the DX-pedition. Our priority is making QSOs .... and is not responding to E-mails!

Thanks - 73 : The ZL7G Team : G3BJ, G3SVL, G3TXF, G3WPH, G3XTT, G4TSH and G4JKS

 SR/SS: 22:31Z / 10:53Z 

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New Band0120110130120004826.1%
New Mode1103010080202513.6%
New Band + New Mode03030504000158.2%
New Slot050506070102413.0%
New DXCC040120390170007239.1%

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'First Past the Post' leaderboard: Order takes into consideration how soon VK9XG is worked on the LAST band slot. Dupes allowed but discouraged. The red number is the total number of band slots.

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