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The Cass Award - Single-Operator Category

Award For Unique Callsigns Logged

Presented annually, the Cass Award encourages single operator expeditions to maximize the number of DXers worked within a 2-week interval. This award honors the wisdom and spirit of Cass WA6AUD (SK), whose stories in the West Coast DX Bulletin taught a generation of DXers that DX IS!

  • For more information about the Cass Award, please visit http://www.cassaward.com/
  • To participate, please go to the Settings page and click the 'Cass Award' tab.
  • The Cass Award is currently only open to single-operator dxpeditions. Check the Cass Award web site for the rules.

Last updated: Sat, 16 Oct 2021 05:20:01 +0000. During January, the previous year's table is displayed, and then from 1 February onwards the new charts are generated.

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CallsignLocationYearUnique CallsTotal QSOsDuration (days)% Unique
3D2USUFIJI ISLANDS202122,34448,6888945.9
S9OKSAO TOME & PRINCIPE202121,129105,8561320.0
TO1KSAINT MARTIN20216,95911,1641562.3

Multi-Operator Cass Award

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